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Utah State School Board and Licensing: from Education Week.

I certainly have mixed feelings about this new ruling. I can see it as a way to help Utah School Districts find teachers for hard to find areas. On the other hand, what does this do for the pedological training so important to teachers. Shouldn’t teachers know why they are doing what they are doing? […]

A Rather Grim Assessment of Where Public Education is Headed

Here is an article by Todd Lily on the “for profit” business in education called “The Greening of American Education.” It is featured on the website BustEd Pencils. The privatization of education in the good ole’ US of A is on a role with nothing but concerned citizens to slow it down. Movements to stop […]

Tribune article on the new state superintendent.

Even though this article is from a few weeks ago, I would like to post it since we are starting to get ready for the start of new school year. I have known Syd Dixon for many years. She is a 1977 graduate of Dixie High School, the same year that I graduated from rival […]

Colin Powell: the secret to his success.

Colin Powell wrote an inspiring article in the Wall Street Journal titled “What American Citizenship Makes Possible.” Here is the article in its entirety: Many years ago, after I had become a four-star general and then chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Times of London wrote an article observing that if my parents […]

Great article on the 2016 election

Harold Meyerson has written a most thoughtful article in The American Prospect on the dynamics of the 2016 election. He calls the 2016 election “the post-middle-class election,” and ties its themes to the collapse of the middle class and the engorgement of the 1%. This situation created both an opening for Bernie Sanders but also for the […]