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Interview in Salinas, California

Last week I took a trip to the Monterey County Office of Education for a job interview. I was a bit stressed because they called me on Tuesday, asked me to be there on Thursday morning, and have a presentation prepared for the interview committee.
I spent the next 24 hours working on a presentation that had to do with the induction of new teachers. I really believed this was the job for me, to work with the new teachers in the district who have to go through an induction program in order to meet requirements for their full licensing for the State of California. It would have involved working with nearly 300 new teachers in a district of 75,000 students.
I drove around the area to take in the sights of the farmland,downtown, and over to the monterey peninsula, which I found all to be absolutely beautiful, all with a temperature of 75 degrees in the heat of the day. I can see why so many people want to live in this part of the world.
The interview went well, as did the presentation. Of course, you never know how things are REALLY going in the minds of the interviewers. So about 1 in the afternoon I got a call asking me if I was still in the area so I could come back for a followup interview. Luckily I hadn’t started my journey back to Littlefield. When I got there, much to my surprise, I was led to the superintendent’s office for the interview. That interview went well, lasting about 30 minutes of visiting with her and the assistant superintendent. I believed I was going to get the job! As it turns out, later in the day I got the rejection letter from the school district.
I think not having experience in California with credentialing hurt my cause in this case. They wanted someone to start almost immediately and who understood the ins and outs of California. So, now I’m still waiting for the next call for an interview. I believe I give myself a great chance, if I can get to the interview process. I’ve applied for nearly 40 jobs in Southern California so I’m working on the numbers game. If I can get 25% of those 40 applications into a job interview, I stand a decent chance of finding a position. It will happen.


IMG_2268Glad to report I’m back from my trip to Rio De Janeiro safe and sound. Love Brazil! I was jacked to be back and start work only to find out that AdvancED had decided to make the job I was going to start a part-time job. Needless to say it was a kick in the guts. I felt kinda bad for Mary Kay Kirkland, the Utah Director of Accreditation because the folks at AdvancED had promised to get her help with a new full-time person. I’m wondering how she is going to get the job done with all the work there is to do. She is in fact, not full-time herself. It goes to show the organization is nothing more than a big business. They tout quality of education only to show their true color. Do I sound bitter? A bit. However, I’m trying to move on. Remember the old country comedy show, Hee Haw, that used to come on every Saturday afternoon? They sang a song with the chorus of “if it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.” I try not to get myself at that level of thinking or could make me very depressed.

What makes me a bit sad, is I had the offer of 4 interviews in the State of Utah and I turned them down based on promises of the accreditation job coming through. I worked very hard to prepare the applications. Never again will I rely on promises from people. I worried in the back of my mind the entire months of May and April while I was waiting for the official word. I’m confident I would have gotten one of those jobs. If something doesn’t come through in the next couple of weeks I can still do the consulting/accreditation work for the state, and then hold out for finding something next year.

At this point, I’m moving ahead with trying to find other late opportunities. There are a lot of administrative positions in California, so that is my push. Hopefully, something in Southern Cali. After being in Rio for 3 weeks, I believe I’m still cut out for the city life – or wherever! I have applied for some small districts for principal/superintendent positions. I would hope I’m able to at least get an interview. If the districts could any realize I’m a good catch for leadership at this point in the hiring season or anytime for that matter.